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About Fivcil

Fivcil Guitars is derived from the word “five” as in our founder Uncle Five and the word “cil” as in concil. Fivcil guitar carries the common vision of these 5 core members - to bring the guitar back to the sound itself.

Brand Story

In 2016, Uncle Wu's Guitar Shop was established, the store set the guitar repair, tuning, sales, teaching in one, became China's first store to do guitar feel tuning, and developed a 6-string 12-pin 2.0-2.2mm, 1-string 12-pin 1.5-1.7 string spacing standards. At the same time, the store introduced the service of “pre-sales fine-tuning and lifetime free after-sales service” into guitar sales for the first time. Since then, Fivcil guitars have been born on this basis.

In 2020, Uncle Wu released a complete set of zero-basic folk guitar tutorials - Slow Learning Guitar. In order to let more beginners use the guitar with good hand feeling, at the request of the fans, a self-produced product was made to match the zero-basic teaching. Therefore, the production of Fivcil's first product - S1 was started.

On May 21, 2021, Fivcil S1 series was released, realizing two innovations. “Pricing innovation”, the brand and the factory as a whole, the brand produced its own sales, so as to benefit consumers, truly low prices, high quality. “Service innovation”, for the first time to realize the “pre-sale feel fine-tuning” service into the factory's production category. And each piece of plate are hand-picked by the team staff, each piece of plate are plumb diameter cut, and controlled moisture hoarding at least one year after use, to maximize the stability of the product. 4,000 sold during the 3 years, without any case of poor quality reviews.

In November 2022, the Fivcil Mic series was released. After two years of experiments on the lacquer surface, we realized “ultra-thin glossy hand-rubbed fully closed nitro lacquer” with a film thickness of only 0.15mm, and combined with our own advantages, we released it at a lower price with the same configuration. Within 1 year after the release, every time the product was put on the shelves, it was sold out within 10 minutes. This series of products, determined to “let the guitar return to the sound itself”, at the same time, let the consumer with a lower price, get the experience of the famous piano.

In August 2023, Fivcil Guitars made its debut in China. Fivcil will match the high quality product awareness with China's strong productivity, so that more people can use more cost-effective guitars.

Timeline of Fivcil

  • 2005 - Today, 18 years of guitar teaching.
  • Launched the “Wake Up” charity program in Beijing, China in 2013.
  • Started making guitars in 2013 and has been making guitars for 10 years now.
  • 2013-2017 Worked as a studio musician.
  • Founded “Uncle Five's Guitar Shop” in Nanjing, China in 2016.
  • In 2018, Mr. Wu was honored as the top seller of courses on Finger, the strongest instructor, and the king of music knowledge.
  • In 2019, he joined into Bilibili platform in China and now has 23.0 thoudsand followers.
  • 2020 Founded “Fivcil Guitar"
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